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Be Integrated.

Be Inspirational.

This is BSN. Integration made easy.

Join an industry leader in Integrated Care Model performance and be a part of the new paradigm.

Better Care Management

Better Outcomes

Unlimited positions, with drag and drop add, delete, move and resize capabilities.

Creative, adaptive
and ever-ready to serve you.

A Behavioral Health Provider Specialty network designed to do more and cost less.

Integrated Care Model

BSN was formed on the basis of an Integrated Care Model designed to improve efficiencies, cost effectiveness and outcomes. Join us in our mission to improve behavioral Health delivery. 

Proprietary Platform

Data management platform designed from the ground up to streamline processing, sharing and maintenance. Easy to use, powerful to deploy. 

Ready to Play

Single purpose Behavioral Health Provider Specialty Network fully credentialed, ready for integration. Join thousands of Florida's best behavioral health professionals. 

"Be the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Provider Network

Preferred by Providers and Plans."

BSN's Mission is simple.  Be the preferred network by providing the services providers and plans need to fulfill their own missions.   Join us in fulfilling yours.
BSN offers providers more than access - we have built a platform designed to make their lives easier.  Awesome.

Creative and DynamicAdaptive and FlexibleEver-ready to serve you.

BSN offers plans assistance in integrating beahvioral health into their current clinical infrastructure.  Plans know this is the gold standard. We help them make it happen.
Health Care is hard.  With the right models we can vastly improve the efficiencies, cost effectiveness and outcomes of care.  it is universally understood that mind and body integrated care is the only useful way to treat the whole person.  Behavioral and clinical care mangement is the logical extension.

The Future of Provider Network Data Management

An approach to network data management that virtually eliminates the traditional provider directory issues.  BSN has built, from the ground up, a data platform that will revolutionise the way directories are managed and sourced.  

Ready to play

Fully Contracted and credentialed provider network access with VBP glidepath

Powerful Admin

Comprehensive single source provider data management platform. With proprietary payer portal access.


Provides a consistent provider network message to all partners (directory, online search, government reporting agencies, etc.)

Single Source of Truth

Reduces need to enter data multiple times and enables the ability to enact changes or new innovations faster


Enables data entry within a single platform and built in data correction to virtually eliminate errors

Data Analysis

Allows real-time analytics of network adequacy, credentialing, compliance, member access and reporting




Thanks to everyone at BHCon!

To all of those great folksthat worked so hard to make the event a success and to all those attending that we got a chance to meet - Thanks!

About us

Behavioral Services Network: dedicated to Florida's Behavioral Health providers. BSN is a stand alone BH provider specialty network based on the Integrated Care Model of health care management.  We know whole health care is critical to better outcomes, improved efficiencies and cost containment. That's why BSN Consulting helps carriers bring BH in house with our proprietary ICMI protocol.  Join us to be a part of a new wave of behavioral health management innovations!

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